Access to Executive Lounge

The hotel’s Executive Lounge is located on the fourth floor of the hotel, beside the beautiful banquette hall of the hotel, named Boyarsky. The lounge consists of two spacious halls and two rooms for negotiations, the smaller and bigger ones, which can accommodate 7 and 12 persons, respectively.

One can have a late breakfast (11am-13pm), lunch from 2 pm to 5 pm, dinner from 6 pm to 8 pm, assortment of chocolates and cakes by the hotel’s pastry chef Atilla Sabo. Tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are offered in Lounge during the day.

There is a small library with new press, books and albums on Russian art and history. Upon request, the lounge guests may use personal butler services or business center.

Executive Lounge opening hours: from 11 am to 22 pm every day.

The price for access to it for visitors residing in the hotel is 6,500 rubles per day per two persons (not more than two persons in the suite). Children under 6 may visit the lounge free of charge. And senior children have a discount of 50%.

Access to Executive Lounge
6 500
Includes late breakfast(11.00-13.00), lunch (14.00-16.00), dinner (18.00-20.00), desserts from pastry chief, cold and alcohol drinks during the day
Small meeting room, 4 hours
10 000
Includes pens, notepads and water.
Small meeting room, 8 hours
15 000
Includes pens, notepads and water.
Large meeting room, 4 hours
15 000
Includes pens, notepads and water.
Large meeting room, 8 hours
20 000
Includes pens, notepads and water.
Coffee Break(available only for meeting room guests)
1 000
Includes coffee/tea and homemade pastries: croissant, danish and muffins.
Rent of living room, 4 hours
40 000
Rent of living room, 8 hours
70 000
In total:

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