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Dear guests, The Metropol Hotel’s chefs proudly offer you our specialties that will transform your gathering into a unique event. Russian cuisine is a cuisine of celebration, hospitality, and cordiality. Nowhere else do they know how to receive guests like at the Metropol. You should not only see the Metropol, but try it!

Andrey Shmakov,
Metropol Hotel Executive Chef,

and Alexander Mishakov,
Metropol Hotel Chef.

Andrey’s team includes the hotel’s own Chef, Alexander Mishakov, with over 20 years of experience in organizing Metropol’s top events. Alexander joined Metropol in his early years. He might be termed the custodian of our gourmet traditions: he inherited recipes for the most complicated banquet dishes from Metropol’s vaunted chefs who, in turn, had received them from their mentors. Alexander Mishakov has taken prizes at several cookery competitions, he held internships in Europe, including at the iconic Majestic Hotel in Cannes, and has presented Russian cuisine at gala dinners in Brussels, Beijing, and numerous other places around the globe. In over 27 years at Metropol, Alexander has arranged hundreds of banquets for the most discerning guests, including big celebrities and royals.

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