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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On this page you can fill out the documents needed to get a visa. A visa support letter is an official invitation from the receiving party, which you will have to present at the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country where you are getting your visa.

Please enter your passport data in the visa support form and press TO ORDER.

To get visa support documents, you will need to provide complete passport details for each guest.

  • The Metropol Hotel is not liable for any problems or delays in obtaining your visa if the information you submit is inaccurate.
  • The Metropol Hotel is not liable for denial of a visa. Decisions related to visas are within the jurisdiction of Russian Consular Offices in other countries.
  • The Metropol Hotel is not liable for any damage caused by denial of a visa, delay in visa issuance, or other issues you encounter when entering or leaving Russia.
  • Visa support is provided free of charge. However, a penalty of 3,200 RUB will be charged if the guest fails to turn up or if booking is cancelled. This amount will be withheld on your bank card account after you successfully complete the visa support order process. The sum will be released when the guest checks in the hotel*.

    If you need original visa support documents, please contact the reservations department by phone: + 7 499 507 78 00 or e-mail:

    Important: Russian Embassies and Consulate offices abroad monitor the issuance of visa vouchers. If there is no information on the guest in the Metropol Hotel’s database, the government may deny you visa.

    Please see the sample of visa support here.

    *The sum will be refunded to your card account within 7-14 days. Return period depends on your bank

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