Bryusov Hall

The name of the Silver Age poet Valery Bryusov was given to a spacious and luminous hall with three bay windows, which offer a panoramic view of the Moscow central streets, the Bolshoi and the Maly Theater. The hall is decorated in classical style, with candle holders, gold-coated ceiling plaster and an exquisite antique chandelier. Due to its elongated rectangular shape, this hall can be easily divided into several areas or complemented with a stage on one end. The Bryusov Hall is usually chosen for fashion shows, weddings, buffets and press conferences. Since it is modestly decorated and has modern technical equipment, the Bryusov Hall is the perfect venue for events of any level. Next to the hall is a comfortable 60 m2 lobby to welcome guests and offer them snacks and coffee.

Hall area – 176 m2

  • Banquet seating: up to 100 persons
  • Buffet: up to 100 persons
  • Theater seating: up to 180 persons
  • Class seating: up to 100 persons

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