Metropol Hall

The Metropol Hall is the main historical hall of the hotel. Some of the major events recently held here include GQ Travel Award annual elite tourism awards ceremony, the Bolshoi Theater season ending celebration, and a Gala Dinner of the CONTEXT. Diana Vishneva festival, music festivals, publishing house anniversaries, conferences, Russian and international tourism and gastronomy awards, as well as some of the most beautiful weddings in the city.

The Metropol Hall is decorated in neo-classicism style. Its main landmark is the huge stained-glass dome The Creation of the World, based on drawings by Sergey Chekhonin. The hall is lit with four brass vase-shaped floor lamps and elegant bronze wall lamps. The architect skillfully used reflections: giant mirrors visually expand the space and create an extra source of light. Here within the walls of the Metropol’s main hall many events took place that are of historical value for Russia.

  • guests enjoy a convenient entrance from Teatralniy proezd;
  • the acoustics of the hall allow for live music performances;
  • balconies at the perimeter of the hall can be used to install lighting and sound equipment;
  • wide stage area, with an optional catwalk;
  • the adjacent Red Hall and Mirror Hall are perfectly positioned and can be configured as a welcome area or for press wall installation;
  • comfortable dressing rooms are located above the hall, with a convenient entranceway to the stage.

  • Hall area – 513 m2

  • Banquet seating: up to 340 persons;
  • Buffet: up to 400 persons.

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