Diana Vishneva – prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre, a frequent guest of the Metropol Hotel.

22 DECEMBER 2018

Diana Vishneva is one of the most outstanding modern ballerinas, People’s Artist of Russia, prima ballerina of Mariinsky Theatre, the star with a world name. Diana managed to make ballet truly fashionable and popular.

Meanwhile in her performance beauty and finesse of the classic ballet school are saved. Hotel Metropol and Diana are alike. They both love traditions, and in the same time we’re eager to become modern, to comply with the time and high demands of guests. Diana has been the ambassador of Hotel Metropol for a several years now. She’s a real owner of these interiors. Hotel Metropol assigned the room to Diana which had been chosen by her. «My favorite room is a corner room with bay windows, facing Theatre Square. Flowers and fruits are always there, although I don’t ask for it on purpose. I can talk about the hotel itself endlessly, for example of the magnificent Vrubel picture 'The Princess of the Dream' at the front of the hotel. Alto-relievos, stained-glass windows, the 20th century paintings, mirrored elevator are amazing! My first performance at Bolshoi Theatre had a connection with Hotel Metropol. It was in 1997, and I was awarded the 'Divine' prize for Kitri part in ‘Don Quixote’ ballet. Then I lived in Hotel Metropol, and, after all these years, I’m here again», Diana Vishneva said.