Renovated Metropol Hotel rooms

1 APRIL 2023

The Metropol Hotel offers 70 renovated rooms, in which historical elements of decor are combined with modern design and functions.

Now guests can choose between classical rooms with authentic early 20thcentury interiors and new Executive Room, Grand Superior, Deluxe, Deluxe Suite, Metropol Suite, Premier Suite, Ambassador Suite categories. These are the suites where the most renowned guests of the hotel used to stay. Some of the rooms overlook Teatralniy proezd or Lubyanka Square.

The renovated rooms have retained the spirit of Moscow Art Nouveau style and the Metropol unique traits: windows with low sills overlooking the majestic historical center of the city, antique furniture and decorative elements from the late 19th and early 20th century.

The new rooms are at least twice the space of historical rooms, their area ranging from 40 to 135 m2. Bathrooms are also more spacious, with an area of at least 15 m2. Each room has all the modern amenities as set by international standards for luxury hotels: a Smart Home system, a tropical shower, warm floors, an iPad Air 2 for instant room service orders, a modern KitchenAid, Samsung, Nespresso household appliances.

To take a look at the hotel’s new rooms and book one at the best price, please proceed to the Rooms section and book your accommodation at the best rates.

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