"Chaliapin" is Back

17 JULY 2023

The legendary bar at the Metropol Hotel has reopened after renovation. Get ready for vibrant evenings at the most sophisticated and luxurious bar in the city!

Сhalyapin bar

The "Chaliapin " bar at the Metropol Hotel is once again ready to welcome its guests. The atmosphere of the renovated bar skillfully intertwines eras: the elegant hotel of the early 20th century and the modern cocktail bar create a new concept for the Grand Lobby & Bar space. Working on the bar's renovation, the world-renowned design bureau Denniston went beyond the boundaries of a single space and created a cohesive concept that connects the historical interiors of the central entrance group with the bar, designed in the context of contemporary classics and delicate luxury.

The cocktail menu of the bar was created by chief bartender Kirill Sencha (top 20 best bartenders of 2021 according to Diageo Reserve World Class, an expert in the Bar Solution school) in collaboration with one of the most prestigious bars in Europe, El Copitas (included in the international rating of The World's 50 Best Bars-2021).The foundation of the cocktail menu is based on notable events from the life of Fyodor Chaliapin , which had a significant impact on his creativity and success. The emotions associated with these events were carefully reflected through the taste qualities of the beverages.With such an exquisite collaboration and inspiration from the life of Fyodor Chaliapin , the cocktail menu at the "Chaliapin " bar is sure to offer a unique and memorable experience for guests, showcasing a combination of artistry and taste that pays homage to the legendary figure's legacy.

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We look forward to welcoming you at the "Chaliapin " bar!

The menu of the Chaliapin bar  The drinks menu of the Chaliapin bar

The menu of the exclusive cocktails  Summer menu  

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