Metropol Hall

The Metropol hall covers the history of the whole century - the tradition to hold splendid banquets in the restaurants of the Metropol Hotel is over 100 years old. It still remains a perfect place for parties of any size and kind. Its seating capacity is 300 people and there is a number of seating options for guests. The menu varies depending on the event. For gala dinners, we are glad to offer a set, specially designed by brand-chef of the hotel Andrey Shmakov. Weddings in Russia are usually associated with long feasts, so the Metropol wedding menu includes a wide selection of appetizers, main courses and desserts.
A special gastronomic offer consisting of classic dishes prepared by the chefs following the old recipes is also designed for anniversaries and family dinners. Finally, the Metropol hall is perfectly suited for social events, exhibitions or fashion shows - in this case, delicious snacks will be offered. Experienced managers will help you to make the menu of the event and will do everything to make the holiday go without a hitch!.
Every exceptional event requires an exceptional scenery. The Metropol hall is the choice of connoisseurs!