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Marmalade (12 pieces)
Homemade marmalade prepared by the Metropol pastry chefs according to the century-old recipes will conquer your heart. It’s the taste of childhood in a modern refined interpretation.
Consists of berries and fruit puree, sugar, pectin, fruit-sugar, lemon acid.
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Macaroons (8 pieces)
Little almond cakes of rainbow colors are just melting in your mouth! Light, delicate and amazingly delicious – you don’t need a special occasion for this indulgence.
Consists of almond powder, sugar powder, sugar, glair, berries and fruit puree, butter, white chocolate.
1 200
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“Truffles” (12 pieces)
Handmade dark truffles from the Metropol pastry chefs will make a divine final chord of your festive dinner. Velvet taste of chocolate with cognac accents – a noble combination that has become an eternal classics. (12 pieces)
Consists of dark chocolate, cream, butter, cacao, cognac
1 950
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Cake Moscow by Metropol chef
Taste the gourmet symbol of the Russian capital – “Moscow” cake – made by the recipe of the Metropol Hotel pastry chef Atilla Szabo! Famous city dessert consists of four protein-whipped shortcakes with a layer of cream made of boiled condensed milk and hazelnuts. The cake is decorated with red glacage and chocolate symbols of Moscow.

Weight: 1,8 kg
2 250
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Feel the spirit of historyl!

Metropol is a legendary Moscow hotel, which traces its history back 110 years. Its treasury contains hundreds of antique items and works of art of the 18-19th centuries.

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